Lighten Burdens., Values.

Lighten Burdens.


This post is the third in a series about the five core values
that form the foundation of everything I do at Pure & Simple.
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When I think about what it means to be successful as a blogger, it’s incredibly tempting to say that success means reaching a certain number of views or having a lot of people know my name. It’s tempting to become wrapped up in shallow versions of success that don’t really matter.

I want to be about so much more than shallow success here, because I know it will never matter if people know my name but do not know that I am for them.

I want my success to be based on being one of your biggest fans – each and every one of you. I want you to hear my voice yelling in the bleachers for YOU as loudly as I can, encouraging you to keep going, to finish strong, and to never give up on what matters.

Part of that includes being willing to have honest conversations, like I talked about last week. Another part is doing what I can to lighten your burdens. After all, how can you finish strong if you’re crumbling under the weight you carry on your shoulders?

So much of my writing comes from a desire to remind you that whoever said you have to carry all that weight alone was wrong. I want to remind you of one of the most important things I have ever learned: there is immense power in saying, “Me, too.”

When we’re confused, scared, anxious, ashamed, uncertain, or feel like we are not enough in any way, knowing we’re not alone is powerful in a way words cannot describe.

In the moments when I am uncertain of how Jacob and I will pay the bills after I graduate, or when I doubt my faith, or feel like I’m the only woman on campus who knows nothing about make-up, my whole mindset changes when someone says, “I feel that way, too.”

It doesn’t matter if our burdens are as simple as feeling ridiculous in the make-up aisle or as serious as questioning the faith that defines our lives. When we feel like we’re the only person struggling, burdens the size of a pebble feel as though they are boulders.

But I’ve learned I am never the only person who is struggling.

And neither are you.

Part of my goal here is to make sure you know that.

I don’t write about my experiences in vulnerable ways because I want you to think I’m brave. I don’t spend time learning how to blog more effectively because it’s the most relaxing way to spend my time. I don’t talk about burdens because I want you to think I’m somehow strong enough to carry mine on my own.

I write because I have people who make my boulders feel as light as pebbles. And I want to do thar for you as much as I can. I want you to feel the weight being taken off your shoulders a little bit more with each word you read. I want you to know that I am for you, I am with you, and your burdens don’t have to be so heavy because you are not alone.

In the good, the bad, the easy, the challenging, the simple, and the confusing. You are not alone in any of it.

You’re unsure of your future? It’s okay. I am, too.

You’re imperfect? Join the club, we can be imperfect together.

You’re not sure how to heal from that deep hurt? I get that. We can work together to learn how to move forward.

You’re worried your dream is too big? That’s my entire life. Let’s make it happen anyway.

I pray that Pure & Simple is a place where we can recognize the reality of our burdens, learn to let other people help us carry them, and walk away feeling a little bit lighter, standing up a little bit taller, and understanding community a little bit better.

I am for you.
am with you.
You are not alone.