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Remember God.


I had been awake for less than an hour when I managed to spill apple juice all over the kitchen floor this morning….while I had eggs cooking on the stove. Not only did I need to clean up the juice, but I needed to clean it up and get to my eggs before they burned. Oh, the joys of adulthood.This is the kind of week I’ve been having. I think it’s because I just got back from a weekend trip to California. The weather was beautiful, all of my meals were prepared for me, and I left without having to think about washing the sheets and towels I used. It. was. awesome.But now I’m home again, and I am back to feeling like there is always one more dish in the sink.  Greek homework, laundry, general tidying up, work, making dinner…it goes on and on, and I continue to fall behind.So on Tuesday when I went to the store, I bought flowers.Until a few months ago, I never understood the purpose of flowers. They don’t last forever. The fragrance can be way too strong. And contrary to popular belief, I…

Remember God.

Giving Up Control.

Recently, my Aunt Suzy asked me to write a short devotional for The Sisterhood’s 30 Days of Love study. This is what I sent to her. My hope is that it resonates with all people, not just those who are participating in The Sisterhood’s study this month.Loving God is difficult. I don’t mean that it’s difficult to love God emotionally, because I think that comes fairly easily to us. Instead, I’m talking about loving him actively. While it’s easy to love other people through our actions, it’s not so easy to love a God whom we can’t see or touch. For instance, I actively show love to my husband by kissing him, giving him a hug when he walks in the door, not asking him to do a chore when I know he needs rest…the list goes on and on. But loving God? How do I do that? I know I can show my love for him by going to church, and reading my Bible, but what if truly loving God through my actions requires more than that?This past month, I’ve been working through the She Reads Truth…