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I spent my first year out of college working an office job. For 40 hours a week, I sat at a desk logging data, supervising employees, and making room reservations for guests. There were plenty of things I didn’t love about the job, but I was good at it. I did a good job finding solutions to complex problems. The students I supervised seemed to both respect my leadership, and enjoy working for me. The work was never-ending, but I enjoyed the challenge of trying to finish all of my tasks in one day. A student who worked for me recently asked if I would submit a reference letter for her. In her email she said, “Thanks again, not only for the reference letter, but being a great administrator for me to look up to.”I laughed when I read that line. Me? A “great administrator” for someone to look up to? Me? The person with ADHD who always felt like the plates were spinning slightly out of control and struggled to maintain composure while trying to keep up?If you had told me a few years ago that someone would call me a great administrator, I never…