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My name is Julianna and I am the woman behind the words around here. Words have always been my first love. I think they hold a lot of power – power to create beautiful images in peoples’ minds, to spur folks into action, or bring us weeping onto our knees. Words are important, and I think they can change our world. So I write.

In addition to my love of writing, here are some other things I think you should know:

Preaching is my passion. While writing has been a constant in my life, preaching is a bit newer – it wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I realized preaching brought me life in a way nothing else did. When I decided I wanted to be trained in preaching at a university, I quickly settled on attending Johnson University in Knoxville, TN. I graduated from Johnson in April 2017 with my bachelor’s degree in Preaching/Church Leadership, Preaching/Youth Ministry, and Bible/Theology.

I believe in finding the bright side. There aren’t many disciplines I take on in life. But since high school, I have held tight to a practice of optimism. I don’t believe we should ignore our problems, but I do think choosing to see the bright side in all situations has made a huge difference in my outlook on life. It keeps me from drowning in the brokenness that surrounds us, and reminds me that God is working to restore the world to how it is meant to be.

Empowering other women is a priority for me. You won’t find an abundance of posts here about gender equality because I’d rather be doing work than defending why I can, but the empowerment of women is extremely important to me. I think women are incredible and strong and I want to do anything I can to empower the women in my life to live fully in their gifts. Whether that looks like being a stay at home mom, working in the corporate world, in the church, in higher education, being an entrepreneur or anything else. So many voices already exist that tell us how to be women. I believe all we ever need in order to fully live is to be ourselves.

The world is broken – you’ve probably noticed – but I believe God is putting it back together. I was raised in the church and have dedicated my life to preaching the Word of God. But this hasn’t come without struggle. Faith is challenging for me. The faith I believe in is not the same faith I see portrayed by a good number of leading evangelical voices. For this and many other reasons, I try to use down-to-earth language about faith in all areas of life, but especially here. I want the faith I write about to be accessible and true to it’s origins. This means it may look different than the faith you expect to find. It’s definitely different than I ever expected it to be, but that’s okay with me. It’s more than okay – it’s more fulfilling than I ever expected it to be.

I also have a wonderful, supportive family and husband. You’ll probably read plenty about them if you hang around!

Welcome welcome welcome. I hope you find a good table to have conversation at here.

Bonus Odd Fact about Me: Every day when I put socks on, I make sure they are inside out. For my whole life, the seams in socks have bothered me so much that I can’t think about anything else when they’re on. So to resolve this, inside out socks are my norm! It’s weird, I know, but you’re not here to read about how cool I am.

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